Plumbing: Past and Present

plumbing; past and presentWith the passage of time, comes inevitable change – whether that change is good or bad nobody knows. Yet in the case of plumbing, especially considering in ancient times there was no plumbing, change has been proven to be a very good thing.

Plumbing Timeline

1500 B.C. – Elaborate sewer line installation systems are created by the people of Crete. This included an early rendition of the flushing toilet – can you imagine life without this?

52 A.D. – 220 miles of water channels, aqueducts and pipes are used to deliver water to homes, public wells and baths throughout Europe.

1596 – Sir John Harrington (who just so happened to be Queen Elizabeth’s godson) designs the first flushing toilet, calling it a “prive in perfection.”

1810 – The English Regency shower is invented. Bathers could pump water through a nozzle and into an overhead basin, over and again, for the purpose of showering.

1829 – The Tremont Hotel, which was located in Boston, opens its doors to guest and offers indoor plumbing.

1833 – The White House gets running water! But just on the first floor – the second floor goes without until President Pierce takes office some 20 years later.

1860s – Running water becomes more prevalent, due to Louis Pasteur’s discovery of the perils of bacteria. Large cast iron sinks start making their way into homes.

1885 – Chicago becomes the first city to provide a comprehensive sewage system, although residents were still left without an indoor bathing facility.

1891 – The modern toilet is born thanks, in large part, to Thomas Crapper’s (yes, seriously) patent of a valve-and-siphon design.

1954 – Alex Manoogian envisions and develops the first single-handle washerless ball valve faucet – and Delta™ is born.

1961 – Mr. Bubble is introduced to the American people by Gold Seal Co.; affordable bubble baths become a recreational activity.

1970s – A high-arc kitchen faucet complete with hardware is developed by Delta and becomes part of the interior design conversation.

2005 – Delta introduces us to the first high-flow showerhead that features a water saving technology called H2 Okinetic.

2008 – Delta debuts Touch2O® Technology, which allows users the opportunity to activate their faucet with tap of a wrist.

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