Common Causes of Clogged Pipes

May 27th, 2014

It is a common issue in any household that drains get clogged. Most of the time the culprit of clogged drains are everyday items that when disposed of correctly can save you from backed up smelly kitchen drains or overflowing soiled toilets. These problems can cause you problems and costly water damage restoration process. So, as soon as you noticed that your drains are running slower, it’s worth getting everything checked out by a professional drain unblocking company such as Flo-Well Drainage and Plumbing (more info at

Don't allow water to go out the drain!

But this inconvenient problem is easily preventable and can save you a lot of heartache by taking simple steps to ensure your pipes flow freely and water is drained correctly. In case you need professional help however there is Adelaide home pipe repair service that can help you. You will find below some common causes of clogged pipes and how to prevent them.


So you think that because you have the toughest and most powerful garbage disposal on the market that you can put pretty much anything down there and it will disappear like magic? Wrong. You would be surprised at the everyday food products that should not be put into your garbage disposal. Vegetables that are stringy or fibrous should never go down the disposal. Vegetables of this material tend to get caught in the motor and will eventually clog your drain and possibly lead to a burnt out disposal motor. You should take care of drains just like you do not to have the clogged dryer vents. Also foods that are high in starch should not be put in your kitchen drain. These foods will swell and stick to the pipes slowing and eventually backing up your drain. This is the same for any greases, fats, or heavy gravies. Its better to put these items in a plastic bag and put them in the trash, as recommended by HOME – GOLDEN RETROFIT.


Hair is among the top causes of clogged drains in restrooms. The longer the hair the worse for your drain. Hair is notorious for clumping up in pipes and does so at a slower pace therefore allowing it to thicken and harden making removal extremely difficult. The best way to prevent this is to purchase a hair crumb catcher and install it over your drain. Also remember to regularly clean the hair crumb catcher so that doesn’t become clogged as well. Use a drain cleaning service if your pipes do become clogged with hair residue.


The only type of paper that should go down your toilet is toilet paper. Refrain from flushing paper towels and feminine products down the toilet. These products are designed for maximum absorption and when they come in contact with water will expand and immediately cause a clogged drain. Other paper products that should stay away from flushing are cotton balls, per-moistened wipes, and scrub pads; contact Septic Tank Drainfield Repair if you need assistance with a clogged system. On a side note and one that doesn’t qualify as paper but is a common problem in toilets are kids toys. Things like action figures, barbie dolls, and matchbox cars are often found by plumbers unclogging toilets so if you have little ones it might be a good idea to install a child safety mechanism to prevent lifting of the lid. If you need a good technician to solve this problem, check out Marines Plumbing website.


Believe it or not soap can actually clog your drains. The most common form of soap known to clog drains is bar soap. This happens when bar soap combines with hard water to form residue that is left behind on pipes. This residue will build up and restrict flow causing slow drainage of basins and tubs. It is recommended switching to liquid soap or using liquid hand sanitizer which requires no rinsing.

If you ever find yourself with a clogged drain do not hesitate to contact the experts at A-Peoria Plumbing. Remember if you have a drain that is continuously clogging, it could be a sign of a more serious problem.

You’ll never guess what’s leaking in your home! Here’s a hint…they provide power.

May 7th, 2014

If you guessed electrical outlets, you’re correct!electrical outlet

Did you know that air leaks around your electrical outlets could be costing money in cooling costs?  While they don’t make the top of’s list for the biggest hit to your energy bill, they do make the list, as you can see for yourself by clicking here.

How is this possible?  I mean we’re talking about holes that are minuscule at best, right?  While that is true – to a certain extent – you must first consider just how many switch plates and outlets there are in your home.  That many, huh?

So…while one unsealed electrical outlet (switch plates count too) may not be making much of a difference in your monthly cooling cost… when you put all of them together you get a pretty good sized hole.  A hole that may be as big as your fist!

Now, as a result of this information, wouldn’t you want to properly air seal these leaks?  If your answer is yes, keep on reading.  There are actually 4 different ways that are relatively inexpensive (we’re talking under $25) to air seal electrical outlets what you need is to hire BC Keystone Electrical affordable prices and excellent services.

The best news is that none of them require much elbow grease.  Just a lot of patience to ensure the job is done correctly.  Well, that and any one of the following products:

  • Foam Gaskets
  • Expanding Foam
  • Caulking
  • Drywall Mud

In the world of HVAC efficiency, and dreaded monthly energy bills, we would all like to think of our home as a comforting blanket.  When this blanket is torn it provides ways for our home’s cool air to escape.  In most cases without our awareness! You better find the best supplier of furnace filters in Toronto, because it cheaper to change filters that pay for damage and repearing.

Now that you’re aware of the fact that your electrical outlets could be leaking, and therefore costing you to lose money…it’s time to start the process of air sealing them.  We promise the process won’t hurt a bit!

In order to properly air seal your electrical outlets, you must first purchase two of the products we mentioned previously – caulk and foam gaskets.  You can also purchase any other combination of these products.  Got it?  Great!

Now remove the outlet covers and run a thin line of caulk where the box meets the drywall.  Before the caulk has a chance to dry, you’ll want to apply the foam gasket so that the two mesh together.  Repeat these instructions until all of your switch plates and electrical outlets are completely air sealed.

If you’d rather not do this yourself; you can always contact the professional and licensed HVAC technicians at A-Peoria.  We can provide you with all of the HVAC services you’ll ever need or want. So call today – (623) 979-7223

AC repair vs. AC replacement

April 24th, 2014

air conditioner repair and maintenanceSummer in Arizona can be brutal!  With temperatures averaging a high of 110° degrees outside; we rely on our air conditioning units to provide us with refreshing coolness as we enter our homes.  However, if your air conditioning unit is old, or is suffering from one problem after another it may no longer be doing a very good job of cooling your home. If you need someone to come out and fix your air conditioner then call Blake & Sons Heating and Air.

This is when we at A-Peoria commonly encounter homeowner’s that are unsure as to whether or not they should pay to repair their air conditioner or replace it.  Quite honestly, it’s tough to know when it’s time to replace an old air conditioner, or if it will function again with a simple repair.  Here are some things we suggest you consider when contemplating AC repair vs. AC replacement:

How old is the unit? – If your air conditioner is less than 10 years old, chances are that a simple repair is all you’ll need to get it working optimally once again.  If the unit has been seriously damaged, or if it’s older than 10 years, you may want to consider replacing it with a high efficiency model or getting a ac repair .

Does it require constant repair? – Are you calling a professional air conditioning repair company more often than not?  Then it may be time to consider AC replacement.   This type of equipment can only handle so many repairs before they go belly up. AirPros will find ways for you to save your hard-earned cash through smooth running AC installs and repairs.

Are your energy bills higher than they should be? – As an air conditioner ages, it uses less and less bluon refrigerant, than a newer model would.  This can lead to it becoming more inefficient as time goes on.  If your energy bills have recently started creeping up for no apparent reason it may be time for a new air conditioning installation.

If you’re trying to decide between AC repair vs. AC replacement , or you’ve already weighed your options, please feel free to give the air conditioning repair and replacement experts at Allen kelly & co. a call. We can answer all of your questions and provide you with quality on-time support.

5 Common Plumbing Myths Busted

April 3rd, 2014

Don't allow water to go out the drain!

The following 5 common plumbing myths share one thing in common – no one knows where they started from – let alone who told them.  At A-Peoria, we wanted to take the time to bust these plumbing myths, in order to ensure you save both time and money. These guys know what they’re talking about when it comes to plumbing, because the folks at are highly professional and experienced.

#1 – Lemon Cleans Your Garbage Disposal – Wrong!  While lemon may make your drain smell better, they are in fact, they aren’t very effective at doing the job of actually cleaning it.  In fact, lemon could cause more damage than its worth, by clogging your sink up and corroding your disposal.  As a Dallas plumber, I learned that ice works nicely to polish your disposal and when life gives you lemons don’t throw them down the drain, check tip #4!

#2 – In-Tank Cleaners Can Save You Time – No matter how much we wish it to be true, or how much cleaning manufactures promote it, there is just no magic way of cleaning your toilet.  Often times, these cleaning agents, are just not worth the expense as their main ingredients are harsh on both your bowl and the environment.  A cup of white vinegar every week works just as good, if not better than, these “magic” cleaning agents.

#3 – Running Water while Using the Disposal – I have to admit I am guilty of this one myself!  However, allowing the faucet to run while using the garbage disposal doesn’t help if you’ve already added the waste, as is often the case in most homes (mine included).  Rather than waste water or use it as greywater, you should fill your sink with a 4:1 ration of water to waste, as this allows the separated waste to all too easily flow away. If you with to learn more about greywater, read this WaterCraft WA: What is greywater blog article.

#4 – Water and Soap Works Can Save You Money – Have you ever found yourself attempting to wash your bathroom or kitchen fixtures with just soap and water?  If you answered yes, you couldn’t inevitably be harming your fixtures!  Even the littlest amount of soap can cause your fixtures to corrode over time.  A safer alternative that will save you money, without damaging effects, is to use lemon juice.

#5 – All Plumbers are the Same – Hold on for just a second there!  Just because a plumber says they’re a plumber doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true.  The best plumbers you can hire for your money are the ones that are both licensed and certified; such as the one’s found at A-Peoria.  If you chose the first plumber your Google search brings up, you may found yourself spending more time and money calling another for heating pump repairs since the original plumber didn’t fix it properly the first time. If you are struggling to find a reliable plumbing contractor in San Diego, contact THA Heating, Air, and Plumbing Inc.

Installing Low-Flow Plumbing Fixtures

March 24th, 2014

Don't allow water to go out the drain!The conservation of water is important, especially considering the fact that many states including our own are experiencing the conditions brought about by drought, but so is ensuring you are provided with impressive plumbing performance. Making the switch to low-flow plumbing fixtures can deliver both. But that’s not all! Low-flow plumbing fixtures can also save you money on those dreaded monthly energy bills.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) survey of plumbing service in Plano, households that have purchased and installed low-flow plumbing fixtures, can shave approximately 30 percent off of their indoor water use. This savings additionally correlates into a substantial savings on your monthly water, sewer and energy bills.

In Arizona, roughly 25 percent of the water supply is for municipal use, with most of this being directed towards its 6,626,624 residents. According to Arizona’s Department of Water Resources each resident uses roughly 100 gallons per day. That means we’re using 662,622,400 gallons per day! Shocking, isn’t it? For more information on Arizona’s water conservation efforts, please click here.

Over the past few years, installing low-flow plumbing fixtures has become increasingly popular, as they regulate the amount of water being dispensed when a faucet is turned on or when a toilet is flushed. Take for example, shower head adapters that allow you to detect exactly when your shower is ready, without the need to waste water. These shower heads cut flow to a trickle once your shower’s water is warm.

Install Low-Flow Plumbing FixturesWhile installing low-flow shower heads and faucets may be relatively easy for any DIY homeowner, there are other plumbing upgrades including replacing your toilet, which should be left to the professionals at A-Peoria Plumbing. If you would like assistance in selecting the best low-flow plumbing fixtures in order to conserve Arizona’s water for future generations, please feel free to contact us at (623) 979-7223.

Service & Maintain Your Air Conditioning Unit

February 13th, 2014

With Spring fast approaching, there has never been a better time than now to service and maintain your air conditioner installation unit.  By properly maintaining your air conditioner you will not only save money by eliminating unnecessary AC repair costs, but you will also be provided with the assurance you require that when Arizona temperatures reach  a sizzling 120°, your unit will work efficiently  in ensuring you and your family’s comfort is met.  So what are you waiting for?  Contact A-Peoria today!

During Arizona’s allergy season, which usually occurs between now and April, the level of dust and pollen within the air we breathe (both indoors and outdoors) is usually at its peak.  It is during this time that we highly recommend cleaning-out your air conditioning coils and compressor, in order to eliminate any debris that may have collected, therefore ensuring you’re not breathing in contaminated air.  There is a fantastic article posted by the experts at Bluon energy that deatils how you can do this yourself, although most people do not feel at ease working on their AC unit themselves. If you do not, we suggest calling a proffesional whose work will be guaranteed. This service also helps prevent you from having to replace the entire unit before its time.

Its astonishing how often air conditioning systems fail when put to the test in the middle of yet another Arizona summer, people hire the Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning services every time this happens.



That’s why it’s so important to service your unit, at minimum once a year, rather than waiting in the heat for a technician to arrive and repair it.  Like with virtually all electrical products within your home or business, the best way to maintain your air conditioning unit’s energy efficiency, while extending its lifespan, is to call the professionals at A-Peoria for our 17-point inspection which includes:

  1. Check refrigerant levels
  2. Check for proper airflow
  3. Check filter performance & cleanliness
  4. Check outdoor fan motor’s bearings
  5. Measure capacitors for proper charge
  6. Lubricate motors as needed
  7. Calibrate thermostat
  8. Measure compressor amp draws
  9. Check temperature differentials
  10. 10. Secure loose panels
  11. Inspect disconnect box
  12. Monitor for proper operation
  13. Take superheat measurements
  14. Tighten contractor connections
  15. Inspect unit’s duct connections
  16. Check control wiring
  17. Check insulation on copper line sets

Happy New Year

December 30th, 2013

Happy New Year

We wanted to wish y0u a safe and happy NEW YEAR!

This year has been a year of addition, accomplishments and growth. Our hope is to continue being the leading provider in our industry of Plumbing and Air Conditioning. This next year, 2014, will be an exciting year of new beginnings and new opportunities to serve you and your family. We hope that you have a chance to bring in the new year with friends and family. Relax, have fun and enjoy the beginning of 2014!

If you have any New Years Plumbing or Heating

Happy Holidays

December 19th, 2013

happy holidays A-Peoria Plumbing wanted to wish you a very safe and happy Holiday Season! We hope that you get a chance to relax and celebrate with friends and family. We know that having guests visiting or staying at your house means more chances for plumbing problems to arise. Your friends at A-Peoria have done our best to make receiving home plumbing repairs as easy as possible. If an issue does arise, we will gladly help, all you have to do is call us at: 623-979-7223

Or visit us at:

Heating Services

December 18th, 2013

Home Heating and Repairs 

American Standard HeatersOur heating technicians have been specializing in repairs and instillation’s since 1965! We provide 24 hour emergency service that allows us to repair your home in a timely fashion. We understand that broken heaters never come at a convenient time, that is why we offer flexible service hours.

As the weather has cooled down for the winter, inside your home is also cooling down. If you need a heating tune up or heating repair, please contact us. This time of year people usually have family and friends over for dinner parties and Holiday events. Make sure your home is comfortable for everybody!

Home heating servicesWe have a wide selection of heater models, from American Standard to Heritage. We can assure you that we will provide you with the best repair services and the best equipment in order to get the job done well.

For more information on how we can help, please visit us HERE!

CALL NOW: 623-979-7223

Testing The Quality of Water in Your Home

December 9th, 2013

Arizona Water QualityWe hear more and more stories of water supplies being contaminated with toxins, bacterias, and pesticides which may lead you to ask, ‘how is the water quality in my home?’. Well there are a few ways to check your water quality.

One way to check is with a home water quality test kit. These kits are relatively cheap and easy to use. However, many sites warn that while the test strips will give you an idea of what is in your water, they don’t actually represent the full story.

Water quality reports is another way to check the water quality in your area. In most states, water suppliers provide consumer confidence reports that will give you information on where your water comes from and what may be in your water. The EPA’s website provides helpful links to these reports (Arizona –

A third method recommended by the EPA is to have a state certified laboratory check the quality of your water. List’s of state certified labs are also available on the EPA’s website at

One thing to note is that if you have a private well, you are responsible for the water quality. Here is a helpful link if you happen to have a private well.

Lastly, the EPA recommends being prepared in case of an emergency. Major storms and other incidents can affect the water supply, so if you live in an area prone to disasters, it’s suggested you store a 3-day water supply per person in your home.