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Installing Low-Flow Plumbing Fixtures

Monday, March 24th, 2014

Don't allow water to go out the drain!The conservation of water is important, especially considering the fact that many states including our own are experiencing the conditions brought about by drought, but so is ensuring you are provided with impressive plumbing performance. Making the switch to low-flow plumbing fixtures can deliver both. But that’s not all! Low-flow plumbing fixtures can also save you money on those dreaded monthly energy bills.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) survey of plumbing service in Plano, households that have purchased and installed low-flow plumbing fixtures, can shave approximately 30 percent off of their indoor water use. This savings additionally correlates into a substantial savings on your monthly water, sewer and energy bills.

In Arizona, roughly 25 percent of the water supply is for municipal use, with most of this being directed towards its 6,626,624 residents. According to Arizona’s Department of Water Resources each resident uses roughly 100 gallons per day. That means we’re using 662,622,400 gallons per day! Shocking, isn’t it? For more information on Arizona’s water conservation efforts, please click here.

Over the past few years, installing low-flow plumbing fixtures has become increasingly popular, as they regulate the amount of water being dispensed when a faucet is turned on or when a toilet is flushed. Take for example, shower head adapters that allow you to detect exactly when your shower is ready, without the need to waste water. These shower heads cut flow to a trickle once your shower’s water is warm.

Install Low-Flow Plumbing FixturesWhile installing low-flow shower heads and faucets may be relatively easy for any DIY homeowner, there are other plumbing upgrades including replacing your toilet, which should be left to the professionals at A-Peoria Plumbing. If you would like assistance in selecting the best low-flow plumbing fixtures in order to conserve Arizona’s water for future generations, please feel free to contact us at (623) 979-7223.

Conserving Water for the Future

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

Conserve WaterIn Arizona, we want to ensure we have a long-term, sufficient water supply for generations to come. By practicing a low water-use lifestyle is a way everyone can help meet future needs, results in cost savings, decreases energy use, and helps preserve the environment.

The Arizona Department of Water Resources has put together several tools to help residents, business, communities and water providers come up with conservation strategies to help Arizonans learn how to reduce water use. Here a few of the recommended tips for your residence:

There are many steps you can take at your residence to limit the amount of water you use both indoors and outdoors. Indoors the main focus is on the heavy water usage areas such as laundry, bathroom, kitchens, and water heaters/treatment equipment. Always check your water systems and pumps; if needed contact a water pump service.

To conserve water, make sure your appliances and toilets are water and energy efficient. There have been many advances over recent years in low-flow toilets, as well as energy efficient washers, dishwashers, and water heaters. Don’t forget to upgrade other items such as garbage disposals, showerheads, faucet aerators, and water purification systems to a low water use version. Be sure to hire a professional plumber to install any items involving piping or faucets.

Outdoors there are many ways to save water as well. The type of landscaping you have around your house will greatly determine how much water is required to keep up your property. Consider Xeriscaping which is a method of landscaping that utilizes drought resistant plants to conserve resources. There are many publications that advise how to use this method to landscape around your home.

If you have grass and use an irrigation system, insure that the system is finely tuned and free of leaks. Keep you irrigation on a timer and only use what you need to use.

Pools and spas, especially in Arizona, are another area where water can be wasted. Make sure you are using new, energy efficient pumps to help circulate the water. Using cartridge filters as oppose to sand or diatomaceous earth as the filters require far less backwashing. During the summer, use a pool cover to help reduce water evaporation in your pool. A reflective pool cover will help reduce the heat retention in your pool as well. The best solar pool cover is available at the market at present.

If you encounter any leaks or need a professional to help determine if you have leaks, please contact A-Peoria in Arizona today.