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Money Saving Tips for Heating Your Home This Winter

Monday, November 10th, 2014

In case you didn’t know, it’s November already, which means it’s time for homeowners to start turning on those heaters. It’s also that time of year where people like to take long hot showers and of course, that causes the water heater costs to go into overdrive. In a few weeks’ time, holiday shoppers will be out in droves, looking for the best deal on gifts.

With the wallet pinching that comes with this time of year, we at A-Peoria Plumbing thought what better way was there to help homeowners save money on heating costs, than to provide them with some helpful money saving tips.

Money Saving Tips #1: Regulate Your Thermostat

To save money when heating your home this winter, the first and most important thing you should do is to check what temperature your thermostat is set at, the higher the temperature the more you’ll be shelling out.

According to the Department of Energy, you save up to 10 percent off of your monthly utility bills, just by setting your thermostat to a toasty 70 degrees. These savings can be used for a programmable thermostat in just one month.

Money Saving Tips #2: Insulation is a Home’s Best Defense

Insulation is your home’s best defense against high energy bills. It provides many benefits including minimizing heat transfers in the winter and summer months, provides ventilation, controls moisture and increases comfort.

Bringing your home’s insulation up to code, along with using high R-value rated products, can save you 20 to 30 percent off of your monthly utility bills. To determine the level of insulation you’ll need, use this calculator.

Money Saving Tips #3: Dial Back Your Hot Water Settings

Water heaters, according to the Department of Energy, account for 14 to 25 percent of your home’s monthly utility bills. No wonder considering they come factory set at 140 degrees, hot enough to scald, and run 24/7.

For every 10 degrees you dial back your hot water heater’s temperature, you’ll save 3 to 5 percent, 120 degrees will keep your hot water at a comfortable level during the winter. Insulating it will save you even more.

Money Savings Tips #4: Annual Heater Maintenance and Tune-Up

Ensure your heating system works at peak performance by using Goodman furnace products and having a reputable HVAC service technician provide you with a comprehensive heater maintenance inspection and tune-up once per year before the cold sets in, also, make sure you take care of any heating repair before the problem gets our of hand.

You’ll never guess what’s leaking in your home! Here’s a hint…they provide power.

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

If you guessed electrical outlets, you’re correct!electrical outlet

Did you know that air leaks around your electrical outlets could be costing money in cooling costs?  While they don’t make the top of’s list for the biggest hit to your energy bill, they do make the list, as you can see for yourself by clicking here.

How is this possible?  I mean we’re talking about holes that are minuscule at best, right?  While that is true – to a certain extent – you must first consider just how many switch plates and outlets there are in your home.  That many, huh?

So…while one unsealed electrical outlet (switch plates count too) may not be making much of a difference in your monthly cooling cost… when you put all of them together you get a pretty good sized hole.  A hole that may be as big as your fist!

Now, as a result of this information, wouldn’t you want to properly air seal these leaks?  If your answer is yes, keep on reading.  There are actually 4 different ways that are relatively inexpensive (we’re talking under $25) to air seal electrical outlets what you need is to hire BC Keystone Electrical affordable prices and excellent services.

The best news is that none of them require much elbow grease.  Just a lot of patience to ensure the job is done correctly.  Well, that and any one of the following products:

  • Foam Gaskets
  • Expanding Foam
  • Caulking
  • Drywall Mud

In the world of HVAC efficiency, and dreaded monthly energy bills, we would all like to think of our home as a comforting blanket.  When this blanket is torn it provides ways for our home’s cool air to escape.  In most cases without our awareness! You better find the best supplier of furnace filters in Toronto, because it cheaper to change filters that pay for damage and repearing.

Now that you’re aware of the fact that your electrical outlets could be leaking, and therefore costing you to lose money…it’s time to start the process of air sealing them.  We promise the process won’t hurt a bit!

In order to properly air seal your electrical outlets, you must first purchase two of the products we mentioned previously – caulk and foam gaskets.  You can also purchase any other combination of these products.  Got it?  Great!

Now remove the outlet covers and run a thin line of caulk where the box meets the drywall.  Before the caulk has a chance to dry, you’ll want to apply the foam gasket so that the two mesh together.  Repeat these instructions until all of your switch plates and electrical outlets are completely air sealed.

If you’d rather not do this yourself; you can always contact the professional and licensed HVAC technicians at A-Peoria.  We can provide you with all of the HVAC services you’ll ever need or want. So call today – (623) 979-7223