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5 Famous Plumbers in History

Monday, January 12th, 2015

Today’s plumbers are best known for keeping our pipes flowing, our water running, and just generally solving plumbing mishaps.Without plumbers, where would we be?

Without a couple of the plumbers listed below, we probably still be using outhouses, and watching the city streets flood with waste water…yuck! Here is our list of 5 famous plumbers (real or fictional):

#1: Sir John Harrington

Without the invention of the first flush toilet in 1596, by no one other than Sir John Harrington – who continuously thought outside the box long before most homes even had running water – this list of 5 famous plumbers wouldn’t even exist.

#2: Mario & Luigi

Many of us have all grown up with this dynamic duo! Italian plumbers with signature mustaches, Mario in red and Luigi in green, showed up in a game that had the duo investigating sewers in search of Princess Peace – all the while keeping the city safe from flying turtles and mutant sewer kings.

#3: Thomas Crapper

Unfortunately for him that is his real name! In the 1880s, while owning his own plumbing business, Thomas Crapper invented a siphon system that was designed to help empty the cistern. This principle is used in most mobile field solutions to this day. Legend has it that the slang term for a toilet – the crapper – was started by WW1 soldiers that saw “T. Crapper” on toilets.

#4: Harry Patch

Quite possibly known best for his extreme longevity, Henry John Patch (aka Harry Patch), was a British soldier and WWI survivor – a survivor that lived to be 111 years old and who only recently passed in 2009. As a child – age 11 – he was a plumber’s apprentice.

Upon returning from war, Harry began working full-time as a plumber, and eventually went on to own his own company after avoiding being enlisted in WWII by one eligibility year. The number one certainly seems to have been in Harry Patch’s favor, doesn’t it?

#5: Ozzy Osbourne

Before the prince of darkness made a name for himself John Michael “Ozzy” Osbourne was – get ready for it – a plumber’s apprentice. No we’re not pulling your chain! The English heavy metal singer and songwriter left school at the age of 15 to work as a plumber. That is until he hit his big break.